January 21, 2012

fondue date

michael & i are always trying to surprise each other & come up with creative dates. i LOVE surprising this man!!! i get all nervous right before he finds out what we're doing. :) it brings me a lot of joy to bless him!
so i planned a date at home. i asked him to run the boys to our friend's house because "i ran out of time & didn't get to finish something for our date." ha. i told him to let me know when he was on his way back home. while he was gone i ran around like crazy getting everything set up. & here's the end result...



our fondue pot is one of the best things we've bought for our kitchen; that & our waffle maker. :) i just pour some vegetable broth in & add some herbs.


 cut up some veggies & buy/make some yummy dipping sauces. one of the easiest meals.



i love how long it takes to eat fondue... so you can just sit & talk & cook your veggies.




the ambiance is very important to me. so we had lights strung like a tent around us, candles everywhere & records playing.



& this man, oh, this man! i adore him with all my heart. i cannot imagine life without him. he is my best & dearest friend. what a blessing to have his hand to hold & lips to kiss through all of life's joys & sorrows. i am grateful to my Lord for giving him to me. oh man i'm so grateful!


dinner was delicious & the fellowship was rich.

& then of course we had to have dessert...



mmmmmm. YUM!


britney said...

i just told my mike that i think we need a fondue pot!!

That Fresh Feeling said...

we are having fondue night next sat night for date night..i have been looking forward to it for almost a month now.....love some fondue. :)

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