January 15, 2012

dinner time


oh my goodness gracious i enjoy cooking for my family! i enjoy that we eat healthy! & i really enjoy making our time together special... quality time is extremely important to me. :)
here's a yummy quiche recipe from my sweet friend megan.


& one of my favorite healthy sides for meals... sweet potatoes!!! cut them up, put them on a pan w coconut oil & salt & pepper. cook at 350 for about 40-45 mins. turn them a few times during cooking.

also, this sweet little boy got glasses...

isn't he the cutest thing? he looks so grownup to me. sad.
he's far sighted like his daddy & has a lazy left eye so it's a good thing our pediatrician did a 3 year old vision & hearing screening. :) we're praying the Lord heals his sweet little eyes. all things to the glory of our great & sovereign God.


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