January 7, 2012

the beauty of being "mommy"

i haven't been able to post in a while... thanks to Christmas traveling. here's to getting back at it.
mike & i watched "i don't know how she does it" the other night. pretty much a typical chick flick with a few inappropriate things in it... but honestly, i really enjoyed it. it was funny & the way they portrayed mommies & the husband & wife's relationship was really sweet.
it's about this mom who has 2 kids & a husband & a full time job, & she's trying to juggle all of them. her coworkers think she's ridiculous because of how messy she is all the time. she has cereal on her suit, her hair is never perfect, etc.
it reminded me of what an amazing "job" i have. i would never want to split my attentions between my family & the workplace, PRAISE THE LORD i don't have to! i just get to love on my guys all day long.
also, it showed me the beauty of being a mommy:
*i don't get to dress up very often & when i do i usually end up having something spilled or wiped all over me
*my hair is never the way i'd like it :)
*i never get to paint my nails or get pedicures
*my house is usually messy or in the process of being messed up (after just having cleaned it & put away all the clutter)
*i don't always feel like making the food i want to... sometimes we just have to settle for soy nuggets & pbj
*i don't get to pursue photography & fashion like i once had hoped to & valued very highly
*i don't have time to just sit & read or do crafts or whatever i'd like to do to "relax"

BUT I WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!!! there is so much beauty in being a mommy... all of it is worth it & all of it is sooo beautiful! thank You Father! may i see how great this calling is & take advantage of it everyday!
mommy al


britney said...

gosh i'm looking forward to it!!! neeeeed to make the most of the season i'm in. :)

christina marie said...

I saw that movie and enjoyed it as well..and completely agree with brit's comment. ^
oh to live thankfully in every season.

Danielle Stark said...

It is so refreshing to hear this perspective on motherhood! 95% of what I hear, even from family, is that kids are such trouble and you will never be able to do what you want....etc. Basically just negativity. But I believe God will give me the grace to be flexible as well as my future children and I can't wait!

allison barker said...

thanks danielle. they are such a blessing :)

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