December 8, 2011

pumpkin goodness!

here are a few yummy pumpkin recipes! pumpkin is like my favorite sweet thing! YUM!
>pumpkin cheesecake (i made this for thanksgiving the past 2 years! delicious! i used honey instead of agave, sucanat instead of brown sugar, arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch & ground nutmeg instead of fresh.)

>pumpkin bread (i made this for thanksgiving morning! it is so amazing & moist! i used all whole wheat instead of all purpose flour & walnuts instead of hazelnuts. the best part is it's made with maple syrup. yay for no processed sugar!)

>pumpkin cookies (i haven't made these before, but they look yummy! i would use whole wheat flour, sucanat & coconut oil instead.)

>chocolate pumpkin bread (oh yes i made this! used sucanat & whole wheat. AMAZING!)



christina marie said...

sounds like you should open a cute little all-natural bakery ... or update your kitchen to meet the industry requirements and just sell it all straight from home. you can do that on etsy, right? i would totally place an order. :)

britney said...

you can do that on etsy, i believe!! and you should! (christina's comment!) and...we are moving becaaaause mike's last semester is an hour and a half away from where we have been living. he got transferred to a different campus but now will be doing his consolidation in ottawa at a hospital there! we are moooore than thrilled. we love the cityyyy.

mr valdez and mrs valdez said...

oh man! i was just looking at my extra pumpkin and thinking - what should i bake?

thank you for this!

and i'm all for the etsy!

nursestark said...

Awesome Allison! I was inspired by your baking and went out on a limb and made yogurt pumpkin muffins & Fig N'Flax thumbprint cookies for a christmas party and they were delicious!!

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