December 5, 2011


we love love love sovereign grace worship music! such rich truths. this past summer we went to the worship God conference in maryland. it was so refreshing for mike & i. (i wish we could just move to maryland & go to covenant life church. :) ) they just released the gathering which is the live album from the conference. so so good!

we also really like this album of theirs. & this one.

sojourn is a sovereign grace church in louisville... amazing! their music is amazing! (below is a song from their new Christmas album.)

i usually stay away from Christian radio because it's all so cheesy & not a lot of depth to the lyrics... i just listen to sovereign grace music now. ;) i usually have it playing at home throughout the day... brings peace to our home to have the Word of the Lord sung over our family. good stuff. also, it's my favorite that jude knows most of the songs by heart! :) (cute, musically gifted little boy.)


britney said...

we feel the same about music...we love sg. you might also love the welcome wagon?? have you heard of them? gooooood stuff.

allison barker said...

i haven't heard of them. i'll have to check them out. thanks!

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