December 4, 2011

kettle corn... yum!

here's what you'll need:

here's what you'll get:

*put about 1/8c coconut oil in a 3 qt (or larger pot, make sure it has a lid that fits) & turn it on medium heat
*add 3 kernels to the oil as it warms up... once those kernels pop the oil is hot enough
*take the kernels out & add 1/8c of sugar & stir it really well & REALLY QUICKLY (you don't want the sugar to burn... believe me)
*add 1/4c popcorn kernels & stir around in the sugar & oil
*put the lid on & shake over the stove until the popping has slowed (again, do all of this quickly & don't keep on the stove for too long after the popping has slowed the popcorn will burn)
*pour it into a bowl & enjoy!

extra treats:
*sprinkle a little cinnamon over the popped popcorn
*add a tsp of peppermint extract to the oil when you add the sugar

in other news:
>I AM SO SO SO SO SOOOOO EXCITED THAT MY LITTLE SISTER IS COMING HOME FROM AUSTRALIA THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! i could pee my pants... & i just might! i adore this sweet woman! she has the greatest servant's heart & loves the Lord & desires to honor Him so incredibly much! ahhh she's great! so, quite excited for time with her before she goes back to australia for another year at hillsong.
>wish i needed some new glasses because these look amazing. 
>go buy this album right now!
>this is incredible! seriously... i just want to live like this! enjoy every simple moment.



mr valdez and mrs valdez said...

oh yum! i love making homemade kettlecorn!

britney said...

hahahaaaa. oh my gosh i laughed that you might pee your pants!!!!!

allison barker said...


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