December 28, 2011

i'm learning to be still

ok so i've always enjoyed being "entertained"... like on holidays i want to go be where all the people are & if i'm not i feel like i'm missing something (ridiculous i know!). also, i'm such a list keeper & it gives me a lot of life to check things off my list that if i sit still for very long i feel like i'm wasting time (which is a good & a bad thing).
so the Lord has been working in me practically...
*when i'm at home with my boys in the morning i don't have anything on my calendar, just enjoying time with them. (when i'm sitting & playing with them after about 30 mins i feel like i have to get up & DO something & i'm cutting that out now.)
*i only clean my house every other week. i'm pretty much a neat freak so i'm learning to be ok with a little clutter & dust in order to be less hurried.
*michael & i are working on a mission statement & family plan to keep us focused.
*getting rid of excess in our home... jude & i went through our toys today & we are giving away a lot! :)

how He's been speaking to me...
*Luke 10:38-42 i so want to be Mary & sit at the feet of the Lord. He said that Martha was "anxious & troubled about many things" but "Mary has chosen the good portion".
*kinfolk. i read a few entries in volume one about solitude & alone time... so good!
*my sweet boys... every time i look at them & hear there's cute little voices i am reminded how much better it is to cherish them than mark things off my "to do" list.

i want our family to live simply & savor every second of this life. i don't want to get so caught up in movies & loud toys that we miss the beauty of our Lord in His creation.
Lord give me a still heart & remove my desire for business.

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Becca Swan said...

I've totally been feeling the Lord saying the same thing to me lately!
To stop trying to "get my list done" and just enjoy my kiddos and family and life as it is.
It's a lot harder than I thought it would be! Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with this. :)

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