December 9, 2011

He has good for us

my husband & i have led worship at our church for about 4 years now. what a blessing this body has been. we have grown so much here. they stood with us when we lost caroline & my mom. i have known the grace & fellowship of our Father more because of this body. now the Lord, in His sovereignty, is moving us on from here. the church is not able to keep mike on at the end of the year so we are seeking the Father for what is next for us. He has been growing our hearts for trafficked children. we don't know how we are to be involved in caring for them, but we are asking Him to lead us.
all in the Lord's timing we are going to get our sweet baby from Uganda (we can't move until we get our baby) & then our plan is to sell our house & move up to grand rapids, mi. mike's parents have some coffee shops up there & they have offered us a place to live & a job until the Lord shows us where we need to be. the Lord could bring something else up before then, but we will wait on Him & trust His timing. He is good. He is over all. & He knows what He's doing for His greater glory & our good.
we will be, & we are, quite sad to move on from this place, but we trust. we appreciate your prayers!

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