November 13, 2011

our favorite vegan subs

i've had a few people ask what our favorite vegan substitutes are for condiments & such...
here they are-

*butter, our absolute favorite. no other option in my mind. :)
*soy milk, really really like the 365 soy milk!
*coconut milk, the best! this is what our boys drink when they stop nursing.
*coconut milk ice cream, so yummy & creamy! bonus, they started making this.
*almond milk.
*soy yogurt, THE yummiest soy yogurt!
*cheese! soy free & delicious!
*coconut milk yogurt, mmmm i want some right now! i'm trying to learn how to make it. i've had 2 failed attempts. :( i will keep trying because coconut milk yogurt is a little expensive, but i want to stay away from soy as much as possible. they also make greek coconut milk yogurt now. :)
*soy creamer.

*absolute favorite bread!
*tortillas, delicious!
*whole wheat flour. if you have to use non freshly milled flour... this is it!
*coconut oil.

let me know if there's something i've missed! :) what's your favorite vegan sub?

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