November 18, 2011

a little bit of everything

is this not the cutest little 14 month old you've ever seen?! happy boy & such an amazing blessing!

i make our own granola bars because they are absolutely ridiculous to buy & absolutely ridiculously easy to make. ;) here's the recipe i use. YUM! the adjusted measurements i use are 1/2c vegan butter, 1/2c peanut butter, instead of the 1c of butter. the add-ins i use are 1/2c chocolate chips, 3/4c walnuts, 1/4c ground flax seed & 1/2c coconut. so delicious! i also made her granola last night & it was really easy & will save us some money! i'm still working on making my own coconut milk yogurt. i've had 2 failed attempts so far. :-/

*these look delicious.
*i'm planning on making this today
*going to make these & this for thanksgiving! (i made the cheesecake 2 years ago & it was so so so so soooo amazing!)

*this is one of my favorite blogs right now!
*& i REALLY enjoy reading this one & this one :)

the end


britney said...

oooh he is sooo cute!!!!! i was dyyying.

allison barker said...


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