November 4, 2011

guarding their eyes, ears, minds & hearts

i grew up with pretty high standards on movies, music, etc. at times i thought it was a little ridiculous, but i am SOOOOOOOO grateful how my parents guarded my heart!!! as a parent now i see even more the value in high standards on media & worldly input in our little ones. these are the years that we are meant to be their teachers & show them how to think about the world & the Lord & what things to value.
as far as tv/movies go for our boys... we only let them watch one thing a day, if that. i've been noticing more in disney movies how the call each other "idiot" or "moron" & tell each other to "shut up", things that seem so little, but will play a part in shaping our children. there are MANY things we don't allow our boys to watch because they are crude, rude, scary, or just weird. there's no need for me to go into all the things we don't let them watch, but i wanted to share some things that we do let them watch, & actually really like A LOT!
*the backyardigans super cute tv show about little animals that imagine all these different worlds & stories. jude is all about music & there is a lot of music in this show. (like anything there have been a few episodes that we don't let them watch.)
*max & ruby- this show is so so cute!
*little bear- we like little bear a lot! i like how simple it is.
*veggie tales- of course. i get pretty annoyed with them though. :)
*thomas- you've got to love thomas! but they're all animated now... we like the older ones.
*curious george- love it!
*winnie the pooh- i highly recommend this movie!
*this dvd- is great for learning their letters.

so, that's just a few. guard their hearts & watch the things that you're not sure about before you let them watch them.

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britney said...

michael and i already like talking about this kind of stuff. 2 that we really like...1. charlie brown. but they do say things like "block-head" but its just so cute. and 2. have you ever seen the beatrix potter videos?? i think its the bbc version. really sweet. all of her stories. i think little boys might like them while they are young. by the wayyy, thanks for emailing. i'm going to look into agave nectar stuff, for sure. i'll probably have looots more questions to come!

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