November 21, 2011

giving differently

our family is praying about how we can give differently this Christmas. we don't want our kids to grow up thinking that Christmas is all about the excitement of Christmas morning. it is about a sweet baby given to pay the debt for our sins! we will still give each other a small gift, but our main giving will be to those in need & tell our boys the gospel as we give.
here are some ideas. :)

*life song for orphans

*world vision


what does your family do to show the love of our Father at Christmas?


mr valdez and mrs valdez said...

hello allison!!!

i saw that you linked me, so I linked you too!

ps my button wasn't working (as you may have noticed) and so I changed the code if you want to grab the working one. :)

allison barker said...

oh great! thanks tiffany!

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