October 11, 2011

missing my mommy

this beautiful woman, my mother... 
today would've been her 59th birthday & she's been home with the Lord for 3 1/2 years now. i've been missing her so much lately. there are so many things i miss about her! 
i miss how she would call me often & we'd just talk. i miss how she cared so much about my life, her kids lives, she was so invested in us. i miss how she had so much joy for life. i miss how she made me laugh, a lot. i miss her hands, they were so caring. i miss how she could have a conversation with ANYONE & they would leave feeling loved. i miss hugging her... i hugged her AS MUCH AS I COULD! i miss her trust in the Lord & His plans, but that has become apart of me... i know He is faithful, i know He has good for us. i cry for me, not for my mom... she is whole & healthy & worshipping our great Savior! 
i wish she lived just a few minutes from me & i wish she could spend time with her grand babies all the time. i wish i could ask her advice on raising kids, on marriage, etc. there's so much i wish i could talk to her about. those things weren't part of the Lord's plan for our family... He saw fit to take her home. i will rest in Him. cling to Him when i miss her so much that i feel like i can't breathe, that it feels like life isn't right. HE IS GOOD!!!!!!!! i know this to be true! He is rich in mercy! 
i miss her & i have so much respect for her. she was the best mom EVER, no really! ;) 
here are some pictures of her beautiful face!


the night before she had her brain surgery. God is faithful.

our rehearsal dinner. God is faithful.


i loved her heart for the Father. we were praying on the way to my wedding. God is faithful.

she adored this guy... my sweet brother nick. God is faithful.



the beach, we were pregnant with caroline. God is faithful.

disney world with the whole family a month before she passed away. God is faithful.








this is right after we told her we were pregnant with jude. we called my aunt to let her know. God is faithful.

i will miss this beautiful lady for the rest of my days. i cannot wait to see her & hug her surrounded by the glory of the Lord! God IS faithful!


britney said...

i think i must have met her!! her face looks so familiar to me. al-this is so wonderful. HE IS FAITHFUL. always. but i think you probably have experienced it in more real ways that most! thank you for sharing girl.

Megan Gale said...

So beautiful, Al and your mother was such a beautiful woman of the Lord. Love you :)

allison barker said...

i bet you did meat her britney. :)

Bethy said...

i still weep at the thought. she mothered me every time i spoke with her. over the phone (those ATF calls), and the numerous encounters after. she inspires me and her beauty and faithfulness to the Lord beams through you and your sisters. i will not forget her, nor the way you have chosen to glorify our King in all things....


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