October 13, 2011

be healthy

ok, so lately i've been feeling tired & irritable... i think i could have adrenal fatigue. (here's a great article about it.) men & women can both have this. it's usually caused by stress, eating too much sugar, not getting enough vitamins, etc.
basically a lot of people have adrenal fatigue & don't even know it. if you wake up after 8 hours of sleep & still feel tired... you could have this. i am a STRONG believer in vitamins & herbal supplements! i don't think your body can get all it needs from your diet, especially if you eat a lot of junk! THE best herbs you can buy are from nature's sunshine (let me know if you want to become a member, you can sign up under me ;) ). they are a Christian company & have the highest quality control, here's an article they are going to run in USA today.
these are the herbs i take every day: multi vitamin, red raspberry, spirulina, b complex, b6, calcium-magnesium, omega-3, iodine (we order the iodine from here), vitamin d (carlson brand), probiotic eleven & alj. mike takes ALMOST the same stuff. jude takes the sunshine heroes (from nature's sunshine) vitamins, calcium with d3, omega 3, whole foods antioxidant, probiotics & i give him the elderberry when he's sick. sammy just takes this once a day until he can chew all those vitamins. i know all of this can seem overwhelming & like it's going to be expensive, but the same is true with your diet... if you aren't willing to spend money, time & energy on what goes into your body then you're going to end up spending a lot of money, time & energy recovering from the effects of the cheap/crappy stuff you put in your body.
so here are some things that help with adrenal fatigue...
*good quality water, not just tap water
*no caffeine
*no dairy (it weakens your immune system)
*vitamins a, b, c, e & zinc
*no wheat or spelt (sprouted wheat is a good option)
*fish & eggs (we will be adding more fish to our diet, beans & nuts are also great protein)
*whole grains- brown rice, quinoa
*only use olive oil & coconut oil (stay away from vegetable oil)
*stay away from as much soy as possible
*eat lots of greens & keep your diet with a huge variety of veggies!
*get 8-10 hours of sleep a night... GO TO SLEEP EARLY!

anyways, just a few thoughts. :) hope you find this helpful.


nursestark said...

Great post! Been feeling the same way lately as well. I am in love with greek yogurt for breakfast and love everything dairy. What do you suggest as a substitute?

britney said...

al--i was just thinking of this today. i really feel tired wayyy to often. and i actually do get sleep! i'm strict on my sleep. :) we don't do vitamins. do you take all those vitamins seperate, or all in one?? i should look into it...

allison barker said...

danielle- whole soy yogurt is super good! my aunt says greek yogurt is really good for you though. :) i will do a post soon about our favorite vegan substitutes.
britney- those things are all separate.

seetheskyline said...

i'm interested in your vitamin supplier? I've looked into a couple but need to decide. can you email me the info: tiffany.d.valdez@gmail.com


for me a big thing that helped my energy was cutting out dairy and caffeine. i think you already do that - but for anyone reading... it helped me. :) i was fatigued for yuears.

Bethany Erin said...

so, quick question.... i checked out the website and found one for skin, hair, nails - have you tried that one or recommend a certain one? i found three. :)

allison barker said...

bethany... i'm confused by your question. :) you found three what?

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