August 23, 2011


I feel SO refreshed! Our family just got back from a 2 week trip to North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia & Chattanooga! It was long & we were all ready to be home, but it was so amazing to disconnect from everything here in Memphis for a little while. On our way to Maryland we saw Mike's Aunt Melanie & Uncle Daryl & their wonderful family, & we saw my Uncle Brad & his wife Tracey. Mike & I attended the Worship God conference in Gaithersburg, MD. So amazing! We were surrounded by fellow believers with like hearts, all there to worship our Savior & be equipped to lead the body of Christ before the throne. (Side note: If you haven't heard of Soujourn or Enfield you should seriously check them out... good stuff!) Mike's family came to the conference as well so we got some good family time with them. 
After the conference we headed into DC for the day (hopefully I'll get around to posting pictures later). Our family went back to Covenant Life Church, the church the conference was held at, for church on Sunday, again... so refreshing! Then we headed to Fredericksburg, VA to spend a few days with my Aunt Pam & Uncle Carl. It is always a blessing to be with them. Then we started making the long trip home, 14 hours of driving... WITHOUT TRAFFIC. Needless to say, we ran into quite a bit of traffic so it made for a longer trip, but the boys were troopers & made it easier than it would've been. We stopped in Roanoke, VA... cute place! I want to go back & explore. We trekked on to Knoxville, TN & spent the night. Then headed to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. We all had so much fun! We made a stop for dinner & TRADER JOE'S (when oh when when when will Memphis get cool & open a Trader Joe's?!) in Nashville... then we were HOME! I love our home so much! We are blessed! More than a building... I love the 3 guys that make our home HOME. We really bonded as a family & I was in desperate need of a break from the mundane. 

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