August 24, 2011

do what you can

So if you're a young mom reading this (or a student or in any other season that keeps you really busy) I'm sure you, like me, have to fight to make time with the Lord a priority. I believe making time to seek my Lord will be something I'll have to fight for for the rest of my life. It is of the upmost importance & should be our first priority! 
At the worship God conference Mike & I went to 2 weeks ago we got to hear Donald Whitney speak on "Simplifying your Spiritual Life". It was, to say the least, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR! He gave a few practical things that I've already started implementing in my day.
*If you only have 10 mins to read the Bible, don't just read for 10 mins. Read for a few minutes then meditate on it for the rest of the time. Most of us can read a few paragraphs & zone out so much that we have no idea what we just read. So to read a smaller portion & meditate on it will be more beneficial. 
*To meditate is more than just reading a scripture over & over & trying to think about what it means. Try reading a scripture & changing the emphasis on each word. "WHOEVER is slow to anger has great understanding", "whoever IS slow to anger has great understanding", "whoever is SLOW to anger has great understanding" (Prov. 14:29).
*Have Bibles opened to the scripture you are meditating on for the day in different rooms of the house. So if you're in one room changing a diaper you can lean over & read the verse. If you're in the kitchen making dinner you can read it again, etc. (We have an easel for Jude in the kitchen that I've started writing my verse on. :) )
*Praying scripture. We all can get "bored" praying. Donald Whitney says it's because we say the same old things about the same old things. If we open to a Psalm & pray that over our family we will have endless things to pray about. 

So great! These things are so simple, but can bring a lot of fruit in our lives. I want to be faithful in seeking my Lord & I wish I had an hour each day to be in the Word, but it's not going to happen during this season. 


Our Green Nest said...

Sorry, me again, this is wonderful too. Such encouragment for my time with the Lord!

allison barker said...


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